Network new readings Wangzhuan madman is rich if thinkingHow to profit sharing garbage station

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garbage collection or not? Do you want a lot of garbage collection? No!

to tell you the truth, everyone just began to stand, do website with dumpster style almost, rough plane + free CMS, and the beginning of the site, 100% is bound to fail, but the failure of the experience and lessons, is our webmaster inevitable road, grow so start the garbage station is the only way which must be passed for the owners concerned.

, I’m a small webmaster. The garbage station for more than a year, has been painstakingly my fans, and accumulated some experience, hope to be helpful for some novice webmaster station.



one. Garbage station: traffic is king


2 do standing group, specially select small flow

don’t expect you to do the beginning station how many million IP is unlikely, then, make a few more, each is a type, such as Thunderbolt download, do medicine, do online shop guide, etc., do several aspects. Then there’s a lot of traffic coming together. My game fan is on this route. At first, there were only a few scattered IP, and then accumulated slowly,

, also learned a lot about the network line. Many people say it is wrong to make money on the internet. Money must be earned. Is it just hard work or hard work?. Some people can easily earn thousands of dollars a day, while others do not have half a penny a day income, but also can not think.


how to modify the template, how to use CMS, how to do SEO, these are in the garbage station when learned, and only personally do, will get first-hand information, understand the real feelings.

station, even garbage station, also can let you have a preliminary experience in the operation and construction technology, so, when you and other webmaster chat will not ask the three do not know, slowly, you will be around a bunch of friends and you almost, with the push of shift and the stage of the growth time is obviously improved, you.

anyway, in my opinion, I think when we do something, we should understand our needs first. What is the purpose of doing these things and what purpose do we want to achieve?. If it’s feasible, we’ll do it boldly. If not feasible, we also need to analyze why it is infeasible. I have done some projects before many Wangzhuan project, how many have access to. But no one is what I like, because there is no technical content, all physical performance. There is no future at all. We can do it at any time. What we do should be taken into account for future development. It is an accumulation of experience and an expansion of wisdom. Not always in the wedding dress for others to do physical labor.

we often have a sense of thinking, to think about what others are making money, and if so, which approach will work better?. We need to practice and explore. Instead of seeing anything to make money, he jumped into it. We must have our own subjectivity. Not conservative, only do their own expertise, we should always pay attention to the operation of new projects, because the real money is the first to do. At the same time, we can not be too radical, too many examples of no income, but also tired to death. To learn to analyze, to learn to think. In addition, we should also have the idea of investment. The idea of no investment is also destined for your future development will not be too good. To know where to spend money, also shows your personal consumption concept is what kind of?. If money is spent on study, prove that you want to get much more skills and spend money on investment

concept has changed, we can make greater breakthroughs in future in order to have a very good development, but also to stand on a higher level to explore a more outstanding way of higher. That is to say we would rather early hard point, not to make money, but if there is a lot of wealth emerged. Instead of working hard every day, earning a little money every day. This is not cost-effective. As the year goes by, we will need more and more, and our desire will be bigger and bigger. But if our ideas and ability has not what big breakthrough, it is doomed to be poor in our life, is doomed not to have the bigger development space in the network.

threshold may be very high, because the SEO is not particularly good grasp, but many people do want to flow words, competition is relatively large, novice webmaster is not a good start, so now we can see the related flow is very large, but most of the site, just to eat fish and shrimp

two. Reasonable collection of

three, garbage station allows you to cut into the webmaster circle

The network for a long time in

since it is garbage station, that is to get traffic, no traffic, nothing to consider, then there are generally two ways to consider


station for personal Adsense is very necessary, then, by what way, what skills can make their own garbage station can at least earn living expenses? People have the following suggestions:

1 learn SEO, catch traffic word

two. The garbage can let you learn the basic station skills,

one. First of all, you must know the garbage station


in the final analysis is not the question of methods and tactics. For a new person, want to make money on the internet. First of all, you need to follow a good teacher, first understand the industry needs some knowledge, in the communication to solve some problems encountered. There are good project tutorials to learn well, but in the process, it is likely to encounter various projects, this time some friends will be hurt, and in the end what kind of money is it,

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