Cool Union even K two account whyHow to select the seven standards of good advertising alliance

2, ******.cn site is no longer available to promote cooperation in

cool alliance, serious problems koowo data put your account, especially to make the following treatment:

if there is any doubt can reply.

3, the cool alliance caused we will reserve the right to

send mail, I immediately corrected, looking for customer service to the installation package, put on the two space in my local download, but a few days later I also used it to do, they don’t contact me they say I ID there is a problem with the data and so on, then there are more than 400 data 80 or so, I thought, well, after all his wrong earlier, I asked him what to do, the customer said let me open a ID, I say, to open a immediately, again to the installation package, so put 4/5 days, but also to 3/400 data, and received the mail a hair,

alliance advertising can not only look at high prices, but also to see the mystery behind this high price. If you are in order to attract new entrants and speculation, raising prices, will regret after joining. In addition, advertising to promote the difficulty of the proposed higher prices do not do, otherwise it will only delay profit opportunities. In addition, some of the high price alliance advertising is actually a serious amount of unspoken lines, for such advertising is more careful. In a word, price is a commercial means. When we see high prices, we should think more about the potential risks behind it.

4, settlement methods and settlement efficiency

1, all 08 years of data in January will not be settled and cleared,

do a few hundred data, put your K… You have no money, at least they extend… Like.BS alliance!!!

… According to the relevant departments of feedback

2, please immediately correct your site of illegal practices

, I do indeed belong to cheat, but also the December pay me.

in personal webmaster business environment increasingly depressed situation, on the one hand, the webmaster must spend a lot of time on site operation and promotion, the income generating capacity and investment on the other hand, owners have to re-examine their own website matches. And all of this, for most Adsense, union advertising is a big support, therefore, the choice of alliance advertising is particularly important. It’s not easy for webmasters to operate a station, so they all want to get revenue through multiple channels. Besides the traditional shlf1314 and sh419 mainstream advertising, they will turn more attention to other advertising alliances. I would like to sum up the problem of this ad, summed up the choice of advertising Union, the importance of the order in turn lists seven standards, for new reference.

if there is any doubt can reply.

: Hello

don’t have no money out of the promotion, not the credibility is also what alliance. one with my friends about the situation, and now no one came out to explain

cool alliance, serious problems koowo data put your account, especially to make the following treatment:

: Hello

3, the cool alliance caused we will reserve the right to

All the adverse effects of

3, the cycle of data returned.

after the exposure in the group with him.

At software packageAll the adverse effects of According to the relevant departments of feedback

1 *****-02, the statistical data of all accounts have been cleared, the promotion data will not be settled

1, integrity and reputation

at the end of December began to do cool Alliance i.e. koowo official union, I just started when I stand on the direct download pictures of advertising which belongs to cheat, do not know at the time to 1 at the beginning, I received the official mail,

I have no objection to this

webmaster knows that the longer the cycle of Union data returns, the worse the data transparency. Real time return advertising alliance for revenue data is undoubtedly the best choice for webmasters. In fact, many alliances have already done so. Select data back advertising teams with shorter cycles can minimize their losses.

generally speaking, the money you get is the money you need. Therefore, the owners hope that the settlement of the union faster, shorter settlement cycle, the amount of restrictions less. Common advertising organizations have daily, weekly and monthly contracts, while weekly settlement is the most common. >

2, price comparison,

this is what???? I have to download the wrong???? now go to the group call, call customer service. Alone… So far no one explain this thing…

about word of mouth, the most discussed is the amount of League deduction. In fact, almost every league are more or less the amount deducted fly, sometimes the webmaster of this should not be too concerned about, as a small webmaster only if we choose not to choose the right of association, often knew obviously were measured, but with no strong evidence. On the other hand, the amount deducted is a good reputation, if you want to work for a long term alliance, will not overdo sth. to a big opening. So as a novice webmaster who may wish to listen to opinions and suggestions, so blindly join the fast to pay period suddenly told invalid or cheating and helpless, in particular, can be in the Admin5 and the webmaster discussion, or consciously join Adsense exchange group, ask your opinion. The reputation of the formation of a short duration of time of the power, therefore, can survive under the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore advertising alliance is our priority.

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