Online money should pay attention to four aspectsAdvertising alliances don’t kill themselves

according to DCCI data show that in 2008, China’s advertising alliance market size reached 18. 100 million yuan, an increase of 70 compared to 2007. 8%, advertising alliance has become one of the important channels for advertisers to launch online advertising, and the influence of advertising alliance in the industry is gradually increasing. Affected by the financial turmoil and other factors, DCCI expects 2009 China advertising union advertising revenue scale will grow by 46 compared to 2008. 4%, the total scale increased to 26. 500 million yuan rmb. It can be said that the advertising alliance has become an important part of China’s advertising market.

today, however, many online advertising alliance companies have many life weaknesses:

2, pay attention to user experience. In reality, every fashion show has a model, why? Models can better display products, people feel that they are wearing on their own, resonate, stimulate the desire to buy. If you’re doing a costume, suggest a beautiful model. In short, display products from the user experience point of view.

one, product display

1, the quality of photos, this involves photo taking skills and PS technology. Technically, I feel that way.

The key of

plays an increasingly important role in integrated marketing communication. So, the traditional advertising companies have been involved in online advertising, and the establishment of relevant departments, but the website and traditional advertising company websites and traditional advertising companies to provide system and comprehensive Internet advertising services, many advertisers will need to be found and meet. Demand creates the market. Thus, "advertising alliance" this new advertising model came into being.

consumer psychology "the same product over price."". This phenomenon in the book industry is more prominent, because the book is a kind of, clothing can also take differentiation route. This time we supposed to do? The price war and others? I cite a real-life example: general mobile phone stores are hung NOKIA brand, but the store’s sales department a few mobile phone is NOKIA, because the product is transparent, the profit is too low, the real profits are non brand name, but why to hang NOKIA mobile phone? The reason is difficult to distribution. Using big NOKIA is much easier. You should see it? We can choose the flat or small losses to distribution, several best-selling books attract tourists, the first impression of the client is cheap, so easily lead to other consumer, general customers can not only buy a

general buyers in the selection of goods, will use the ranking function, or price ranking, or reputation ranking. A new store, the first customer is the most difficult to do, why? No one wants to be a white mouse. Therefore, opening a new store friends, the appropriate brush points credibility is still possible! To long-term development, rely on or more hard quality?.

I think the most critical part of marketing is to effectively deliver product information to potential target consumers. The real thing is to send fliers and advertise. That’s also true in the network. But many people find it annoying to see advertisements, which are hard to translate into consumption. Then we can guide, that is, to guide the potential customers to our advertising page. For example, blog marketing leaves messages on large blogs in order for more people to see them, such as making clothes, so you can leave a message:

reproduced: lt77/Show_News.PHP, id=24

1. Only pay attention to their own interests, for advertisers is to Mongolia on Mongolia will fool fool, Lord on the website of the website main him dangdie for a small site by their own Lord is like how to play on how to play. It caused such an embarrassing situation that the advertiser didn’t trust the alliance and the website owner did not trust the alliance. mutual distrust is the precursor to a breakup


is the difference of aesthetic taste and originality. Watch more, shoot more, think more, ask more, and summarize more.

doesn’t look like an ad. It actually guides a potential customer to an ad blog, and then uploads it to the blog

I think online shop to make money, mainly do the following four aspects:

2. Advertising content vulgar, deceptive advertising, this advertising itself is not allowed by the national law, and a little larger stations are reluctant to put such advertising. if you’re an ad owner who sells cars, you want to advertise, and you look at all the commercials in the ad League. What kind of sex pills do you give your business to?

four, marketing


With the rise of Internet and the unprecedented promotion of Internet advertising status,

three, product price

3. When undertaking advertising, there is no strict examination of whether the product of the advertiser is legal, and whether the relevant procedures for the products to be sold are complete. this kind of advertisement does not have accident, just, one accident, that advertisement alliance company is even the room that turns over also does not have

two, the credibility of the shop

"winter, dressed like dumplings as a bloated? How to dress more sexy, more beautiful, more beautiful pictures in here, in my blog! Collocation tailored for you, teach you to wear a taste, out of self-confidence!"

in today’s market environment, advertising alliance should consider how to undertake good advertising business, and retain high-quality website owners. Instead of trying to make small profits, try to squeeze profits from advertisers and web owners. If things go on like this, you’ll kill yourself, like the headline says.

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