Discussion on the four elements of deciding whether the business website is profitable or notThe tra

first: understand the demand, you can know the profit space.

two, day to earn a few hundred, I suggest novice from these Japan earned XX away, even if he is really attractive, you know, not attractive, you will not bite ah, personal experience about attractive, if people tell you, most have a problem.

, of course, for a beginner, need to pay attention to the limited level, there are many, not all are, therefore, the significance of this paper is to initiate, only want to remind novice friends, Wangzhuan and in reality, although the investment is not, but serious, cautious attitude is.

, what money, money, money registered mail, lead, SP, hang up to make money, make money, surfing Wangzhuan investigation, if you are a novice, I suggest, can touch it, but there is no need to really participate in these projects, or out of date, or not to earn what money, even there many swindlers hitting on you. So, these so-called Wangzhuan, know enough.

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three, do not do illegal, this point, do not need to talk about it, the outlook on life, there is no suggestion, not recommended.

four, that channel long not to participate in, is not to do the layers of exploitation, and the spirit of the Internet is sharing, sharing in this piece of the sky, why go to sell their toil to others. Similar results as the alliance experienced webmaster, have been abandoned, and the line to the "humble" Wangzhuan.

we want to buy a product, is a demand performance. If an enterprise does not know the needs of consumers, the production of the product can not be determined. Enterprises can only analyze the size of the market through some professional data. Adsense when doing web site, also need to know this consumer demand. We do the website in order to be able to sell products, rather than help others do promotion. If your website is only the role of promotion, earnings will not be much. Enterprises do not know the needs of consumers, blind production of products, as a result of the accumulation of large amounts of inventory. If an enterprise knows the size of the consumer’s demand, it will be possible to know whether or not to produce the product. Because the demand for this product can not reach the profitability of the enterprise, it may have to give up, and the same reason, the type of site determines the profit space. In fact, the type of website has a lot to do with all walks of life. It’s just a different way of spending. We have a clear understanding of our own type of website. For example, the number of this type of site? In reality and how many people are buying the products? If in reality does not have how many people to buy, you think there is a lot of people buy? These various needs and issues related to clear, the site of the profit space is getting to know about. We have a passion of blood, but can not do without a rational brain. The needs of the website are compared with the reality, so as to know whether the website can make a profit or not.

everyone does the website for profit. The idea is undeniable. If you do not have this idea, the establishment of the website is burn money. It takes a lot of cost to build a website, but it’s much less than a physical store. However, we still can not ignore the point is that all the webmaster want to earn the first pot of gold in the internet. Facts are often unsatisfactory. When we really run a website, only to find out how naive the idea was. But profitability is the ultimate goal of a web site. Well, what should we do to make a profit? I would like to share some experience and ideas here. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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is not a technical background, most novice contact Wangzhuan, from the beginning of some Wangzhuan forum, a common forum is the most advertising is full of every corner, I always believe that advertising components, there must be a deceptive ingredient. To borrow Wei Fan’s words: "if you are a novice, impossible to guard against", therefore, this forum, personal suggestions to be harvested, experience more negative. Since the road ahead is blocked, do not take the time to try it well. Of course, some good forum, such as Webmaster Station, stone, sent on behalf of, I still recommend beginners to see more, may wish to give beginners a small standard identify strengths and weaknesses of the Forum: the forum advertising flying all over the sky, to be junk forum, popular, but rarely advertising, not even the nature is a good forum.

online shopping is the type of person, or online shopping at the age of those people. We must have a clear idea of the object of the product. If you don’t even know this, then the profitability of the website is a very distant thing. Because we know nothing about the object of the product. For example, when we are in war, we must have an objective and rational understanding of the enemy, not despise our opponents. The victory of a war lies with every soldier. The product is sold to someone else, so we have an in-depth knowledge of the people who buy this product. We do website, that is, we need to spend on the Internet, that is, the consumer groups are young people, but not

train of thought decides the outlet, the starting point decides the end point. Wangzhuan, the most important direction. As a novice, just contact the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, direction, will smooth, money is like playing digital games as simple, the wrong direction, the results draw further apart, as can be imagined.

five, hacker technology, the Yangtze River Delta network breaking events have implications for this, it will not explain here.

forum is the main place for the novice to learn Wangzhuan, it said something about taboo, in addition, listed one or two:

so, as a beginner, what are the taboos to avoid detours,

second: understand the product object, know the mode of consumption.

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