Tao how things Taobao Amoy seller to get more guest promotion2009 site money Raiders

2. on CMS. I’m only familiar with mobile phones, so I’ve always been using an easy CMS. However, I heard that ASP has lagged behind, everyone in the PHP, is typical of DEDE web application. There are empires and so on, in short, online free CMS too much, and after years of development, its functions can meet the needs of the current personal company building, as long as simple changes, changes, change templates can be. The CMS system, after years of testing, users webmaster is more mature, especially in the past two years, developers focus on SEO, strengthen the optimization of the page template and label, more conducive to the search engines, so directly used in the early development of you, do not have to pay for the development of the.

customers, more and more people benefit from Taobao, there is a new group of higher profit form, the seller has a good promotion channels, Taobao made up for the loss of the flow after shielding sh419, Taobao know guest buyers can also save money, now has so many Taoke the seller must pay attention, because they see too many peers in store promotion, Amoy traffic accounted for a very large, even the whole shop 50-70% traffic on the amoy. Many sellers also asked me, how can I let Taobao customers promote my store? How to upgrade the Taobao traffic? Today, let’s talk about this,

women in Korea clothing, men’s shoes in Mr.ing, plush toys fluttering dragon, cosmetics in the grass collection, Royal mud square and the peers and the buyers are more famous shops, guest flow they are not low, especially of Han clothing all the Amoy was so of course I support to promote his home. Summarize why they favored amoy.

3. on generating dynamic or static pages. If this was a few years ago, I would tell you to generate a static page. But now the escalating search engine search technology, the dynamic page to grab what obstacles no longer exist, and I have seen is a dynamic page of a popular keywords ranked first in the website. However, personally think, it is recommended not to generate HTML pages, sh419 and other search engines included site, and then generate HTML pages, here is my little experience. Once there is a station did not do very well, was included in the sh419, when it was a dynamic page, and later changed to static, many dynamic pages are still included. Because these dynamic pages don’t go away with generating static pages,


, those who rely on a lot of traffic to Amoy shop is how to do.

2, commission is cheap and stable,

what attracted most Taobao customers, of course is the commission rate and conversion rate, high conversion rate, high commission for your guest you are also willing to push, also noted that the commission rate is stability, Tao hate is an effort to push some shops, at first, the Commission is good, but halfway down the resources are spread out and back, the return commission greatly reduced, let guest hate and natural gas, after the promotion around you go. Especially the brand shop, meeting of commission rate not shot forehead becomes The loss outweighs the gain.. The guest flow also need to accumulate.


3, they frequently appear in Amoy public promotion page, many Taobao customers including Amoy direct marketing alliance to provide public promotion pages such as Taobao, Taobao, Taobao good sale mall stores, these pages are the most concentrated place of guest flow, so to see these public promotion pages in the seller. Equivalent to the direct use of accumulated flow to do promotion alliance. Many big stores often appear in these pages, Amoy natural low flow. If you can go, then you can also guest flow on a higher level.

5. about domain names. There are 3 points, one is better, the two is to choose COM, after all, people exposed to COM earlier, or three to ensure that First impressions are strongest; the domain name has a good record, it is best not to register, check how to sh419 search. The so-called Pinyin domain name sh419 >

1., choose the right station, cut in point. That is, consider what type of site to build. If you build a regional website, then what category should be done, is the city shopping, or classified information, or property leasing?. Some people say that XX type sites do not make money, I can responsibly tell you what type of website can make money, the key to see whether you have the resources, whether the heart, whether to have the mature planning and execution strategy. You can also consider some of the hot site types, such as fashion, IT, game site, the key is to like, suitable for yourself.

4. about space. Remember, IDC service providers to choose, do not covet cheap, now taobao sell 200M double space to 350, I do not advocate the use of, maybe what time does not open, maybe what you couldn’t find the service provider! Do space station is very important, just like riding a car chassis. I recommend the space for the digital engine. Although expensive, but it is a problem, and once the problem can be solved quickly, if ADMIN5 think I’m AD, you can remove.

1, its own brand influence and seize the initiative, I remember the beginning of the Tao do when mr.ing went to Amoy plan, and the Commission is not cheap, plus they at that time is very important standing outside the promotion, monthly advertising etc.. Has worked, since that time, those who push men’s shoes, will certainly put things on it mr.ing. Similarly, itself has the reputation and brand shop, very early to join Amoy Amoy plan, naturally willing to push these shops, so these shops with guest development has opened up a new channel for the promotion of their own. Because doing early, and later catch up, it will be difficult.

With the development of Taobao

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