Some suggestions on the core shlf1314 Adsense Xi’an said the tourHow to use advertising alliance Wan

        the answer is no, so I think the clickthrough rate highest ad unit is the best unit, rather than the large size, I have tested, the click rate of 336*280 was 3%, while the 120*600 hit rate of 7%.

: data transparency is poor, which is basically the problem of the whole industry, some advertising alliance data to a day or even several days will be updated completely to do real-time updates, it will make many webmaster to advertising alliance does not exist trust! Even some large advertising alliance to do real time updates, visible in this work for the advertising alliance should promptly improve

two: reputation advertising alliance is always of concern to everyone, now a lot of advertising are the individual operators, only through some Wangzhuan advertising alliance program making, and then went to advertising, let the webmaster help operators, this is not responsible for the customer, hand is the webmaster not responsible for either the webmaster and common cheating, improve the hit rate for advertising, or business of cheating, deduction amount is serious, even faster to pay roll


Now the

advertising alliance is still in the stage of vigorous development, which because of the loss caused by the advertising supervision, many grassroots AdSense for dragons and fishes jumbled together, did not take care to choose some of the advertising fraud, which hit their enthusiasm for the operation of the site, which has brought some shadow to the development of the advertising alliance fortunately, now a lot of advertising alliance the evaluation network turned out, let us have the authority of the grassroots webmaster website evaluation, and thus more conducive to choose good advertising alliance, but also bring some constraints to guide advertising, advertising alliance traveling in the right direction! Here we come to analyze some problems existing in the current advertising alliance

1: the first thing to look at is the timeliness of the settlement of advertising alliances. Now the advertising alliance settlement are calculated monthly, weekly and daily settlement, settlement, for daily settlement is most personal advertising, in fact, daily settlement if not cumbersome, but also appropriate to do it, but I suggest you the best weekly settlement, so even if deceived is a week, at the same time settlement do not frequent, don’t waste too much time


part comes from, thanks to the original author,

        this was a key point, personally feel that can effectively reduce the invalid clicks, so as to ensure the unit price HO

3. according to the main users of the site’s gender and age were

4. advertising color channels for the use of

5. tracking regular replacement of advertising,
6. and />


above these problems, or let the webmaster away from advertising, resulting in advertising market to shrink further, or will be selected, so that the advertising alliance to the survival of the fittest, we are going to talk about how to select the

two: how to see the accuracy of advertising platform, especially can support real-time data display, after putting ads, then you can click to see whether there is statistical data, or ask a friend to help a little to see, whether there will be real-time data, if not.

three: the accuracy of the data is low, many webmaster reflect their website click rate should be good, but often a few days without any click data, which is often a lot of deduction amount of advertising alliance is very serious, which greatly impair the interests of the webmaster, which in turn will act on the advertising alliance this would be Shajiquluan!

1. uses a large size ad

        asked a question yesterday; can 336*280 show more advertising than 120*600? For example, in Adwords I

2. is placed in a striking place, where the user’s eyes stay, not the mouse’s


! ! ! advertising alliance!

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