Talk about an old topic How do you make money on your personal websiteMature star FANS website comp

three attracts more stars and friends to join


now most of the star websites on the Internet are based on forums, which shows that this forum is a way of communicating


as a platform, the most important thing is the functionality provided by the platform, whether this function is suitable for the platform facing the needs of users, the main object of communication star and FANS communication platform for FANS with FANS AC, FANS AC star with two forms, so that meet the needs of these two.


years ago a star is trying to set up a FANS company website written after the interview, I half the night before the writing, they are not interested in me, not hired me, that I had to put my plan to you, what is thought to write something. Friends who have this idea can be referred to.

well, I won’t say any more. This method can be the best way in the world. Well done, 1000 yuan per day, it’s normal!

I believe most of the webmaster do stand are for money, including me, then we can think of a station is the most important data, if the data is his own doing, it would be more trouble, it is good that the Road Station Road, do more new station data and maintenance is very important, if you are a powerful data update that would be wasting your fortunes, now it can be used in this collection, I agree with you to do well, but must be in the form of HTML to the people, I also love the direct data, increase the database, rent a server yourself, or a few more virtual space what, how to get data, these are not problems of maize.

well, a single station like this is ready. These data are my best way to buy or collect them myself. As long as the time in 2, can all fix for 4 weeks, then what all don’t do, to see themselves as "others" for work actually oneself, continue to plan the next site! Do you want to know a person can develop, then why can’t you do a station, the as several webmaster

today I that day, a year ago is probably 05 years in December, I forgot in a variety of key words in sh419 search is to find a set of multiple star and FANS communication platform, can be found are some personal website FANS in the name of a person for his love of the stars do on the one hand, the website may I search keywords is not correct, on the other hand, such a reason is this kind of comprehensive website now did not do a good job of search engine optimization, have now created a comprehensive star exchange platform FANS advantage of these reasons. now fans seem to be famous. I haven’t heard from the company I interviewed at the moment. I don’t know if I’m dead.

              to give you a reference to www.00860084, then each station to get the 4G data, the data here can go to the acquisition, can buy their own version of the HTML data is the most novel, then do not add data, because sh419 is he to IP on the swing! If you reach 30 thousand, you have been sealed, not because your station is illegal, but sh419 also want to cause money! Do not say, the earth people know! And then the 4G station is done, the 4G station to your own analysis 5 corn up, if more money can parse some corn, the more of their more favorable, but also to estimate the control, do not make the IP to more than 30 thousand

Design requirements for



1. Establish perfect communication platform, electronic trading system,

web site

using this website, the website has formed a Pyramid structure, if the page is made into a static, then search engine optimization of the site has been fix, I believe there is a perfect star FANS website.

This scheme is actually a

in twenty-first Century, the development of the Internet, to bring change to the renovation of various industries, and the impact of the Internet on the entertainment industry is very huge, online star, star and Star Internet, various forms of personal website, the Internet has gone deep enough to reflect all aspects of the entertainment industry, which is always the theme of Internet communication for, between entertainment stars and FANS exchange is a hot network.


method is very simple and I will not say, just one more data – "a station -" continue to get the data – "multiple stations! So your income doubled up, the snowball getting bigger. If 265 is so roll up. He just roll with the domain name.


Multi domain management mode under ?The

two, establish brand image



1. Establish a complete communication platform, electronic trading system,


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