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before that, from January 19th to March 28th, the three board market index rose from 1091.88 points to 1162.23 points, or 6.44%.

in the new three board, read three new board researchers found that this trend is also strengthening, and the new three board is also increasingly close to an effective market".

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but it is worth noting that, the new three board this fall is somewhat different: the company’s share price decline and performance are closely related, the effectiveness of the new three board market is increasing.

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suddenly rose after the sudden fall, causing widespread concern in the market, the three new board exactly how?

"three new board this fall and annual disclosure of the relevant", chairman of fertile land for the interpretation of the new three board of researchers said.

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in mature capital markets, all the information will soon be perceived by market participants and immediately reflected in the market price, which investors call "efficient markets"". Not long ago, in the United States stocks, unfamiliar street because of 2016 performance surge, two days up 28.44%.

, a fall and the performance is closely related to the new three will become the "efficient market"

, this is the biggest increase in the three board market index since 2016.

from April 10th to May 9th, the new three board market index fell from 1159.95 to 1099.11, or 5.25%.

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21 continued to fall, the new three board history is the longest, even down record.

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Choice data show that the actual disclosure date of the annual report, there are 1348 companies making market transfers. In the 716 companies with a rise in net profit, 264 companies reported an increase in stock prices the following day, following the release of the annual report, and 165 were down. Performance and share prices synchronous rise and fall of the company accounted for 36.87%.

read three new board researchers see, the new three board decline and annual disclosure of the tide, the company’s share price decline and performance is closely related. In other words, behind the decline, which means that the effectiveness of the new three board market is increasing.

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, 315 companies in the decline in net profit, 87 companies stock prices rose, 228 fell. Companies with simultaneous declines accounted for 36.08%. This phenomenon is more pronounced in companies with a steady turnover. Consider only 500 thousand of the turnover on the next day

from April 10th, the new three board in 18 days has disclosed 8498 annual reports. Similarly, in April 10th, the three board market index began the 21 day of the first day of decline. In other words, the new three Board annual report disclosure tide and the current round of time basically coincide.

, and as the market index fell and valuations down, the new three board new wave of investment opportunities coming, "six or seven months", many market participants said.

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