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music as sports denied the strong Wei to leave a message on the sloth bear sports, said Lai Ruzheng and James are quite working, which has completed the task of Hongkong James was transferred back to Beijing".

even so, it is still a distraught sigh story.

since then, online advertising has gradually become a hot spot on the network, and our IT industry has also been aware of the bright future of online advertising in 97~98 years, so there are gradually online advertising in our website. At present, the trend is becoming more and more exciting, and about half of the domestic websites, such as Sohu and Sina, come from advertising. There is no doubt that Internet advertising has contributed much to the development of internet.  

less than a year ago, is holding music as sports super, AFC Champions League in Russia in 2018, the Asian World Cup qualifiers 12 finals, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, ATP, CBA and other large events first copyright "Predators", some of which still relatively high-quality exclusive new media resources. According to music sports official publicity materials, to 2016 in the year, as music, sports, content platform has 310 total

online advertising started in the United States in 1994. In October 27th of that year, the famous American Wired magazine launched an online version of Hotwired. This is a milestone in the history of advertising, but also for network developers and service providers to see a bright road.

copyright strategy gains and losses

Internet advertising is more accurate than the mass media. Advertisers are now targeting clients as an important way to launch online advertising. The most commonly used billing methods are billing by exposure, how many times an advertisement is seen, and how much you pay for advertising. Each time the exposure is made, the computer server has a very accurate record.

but another problem arises in online advertising, malicious clicks of online advertising, the most typical example of which is now widely circulated sh419 ppc. There is a need to have the market, Henan digital technology company in 07 years launched a network marketing system named "taking informed", combined with the industry website, the Internet, telecommunications networks, mobile network. The purchaser calls to the supply side of the phone, click on the ads accurately to customers in order to control the IP hits; and methods of control etc..

before that, as music sports three core executives, including editor in chief Ao Ming, President Zhang Zhiyong, chief operating officer in the air have been leaving.

if the history of China’s capital market is familiar enough, a similar plot has not stopped – music is just another rapid expansion of the company suffered strand breaks story. And as music, sports, has become the last two years of China’s sports industry explosive growth in the process of core resources competition and capital of a microcosm of the ups and downs.

online advertising market is amazing, and the effectiveness of online advertising is becoming more and more obvious. The Internet has become the fifth major media after the traditional four major media television, radio, newspapers, magazines. As a result, many international advertising companies have set up a special network media division".

advertising investment is the main source of income for many media, media investment also as the economic indicators of a country or region, if a country’s economic development, it can attract different products, advertising in different media.

in fact, at the end of December 20% layoffs last year music as sports open self-help way: executive adjustment, layoffs 20%, streamline business line after leaving the music as sports over the past few months has more than 100 employees, of which the content center is close to 50 people left. After the current round of layoffs, the peak when the number of thousands of music, sports, will shrink to 300 people, or even lower. Can contrast, as a veteran of the traditional sports portal, in recent years, after the same changes in sina sports, the current size of personnel is about 200 people.

network advertising space expanding, attendant problems will emerge in an endless stream, but the network as a new media, the precise effect of advertising is other media can not match. This is inseparable from the people’s dependence on the network, >

layoffs, in response to the music as sports of sloth bear sports said that "temporarily not open personnel optimization, if the future open optimization, will be adjusted according to the business."

bear sports information obtained from the multi, internal music as sports is preparing a new round of layoffs, is expected to exceed 50%, the intelligent hardware department completely revoked, while the core of the paid membership department and the marketing department at least 50% layoffs.

another source to bear sports revealed the original music as sports chief marketing officer Qiang Wei had left, will soon join a well-known sports listed company. Co President Liu Jianhong recently also in resignation rumors, there is news that Lai Ruzheng agent CEO music as sports company or Hongkong headquarters in Beijing also has the intention to resign, Hongkong COO, quite a few months ago James from Hongkong, has been in a vacation state, did not appear in the Beijing office.

China’s advertising from this year’s report can be seen, the annual business advertising volume continues to grow, mainly on the media including television, newspapers, magazines, for now, the percentage of TV share is still relatively high, accounting for 66%, one of the most typical example is the annual CCTV advertising tender Wang, from the overall announcement income is rising.

, when the season’s European core soccer tournament is over in less than a month, has finally decided to make big cuts again, according to sport.

According to the latest In the

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