Easily three identification fraud AllianceApp live three musketeers that live pattern is not formed

live how the fire? For example, a man wearing a red dress uncle, sing the way in Beijing Zhongguancun square to beg, also placed in front of a mobile phone, online and offline at the same time begging, we call it cloud begging, accompanied by China biggest Gang into the mobile world. We can see the live broadcast of the ranks, really very fire. From the data point of view, today’s mobile Internet traffic is consumed by 55% of the video, and by 2020 this figure will be 80%.

three are not in the same direction. What will happen on the 2017 live track?

third, price recognition method.

in persistent China seems like a social video community, most of them are the life of the residents, and then have to do is to use the image to help ordinary people to record their life;

in December 27th, in the "2016 new business summit" before the forum, the leading electricity supplier network operators in the world "" media invited to the Three Musketeers — a live App science and technology co founder Lei Tao, founder and CEO of Su Hua, then Taobao product platform responsible person Wen Zhong – they were their own products on broadcast industry views.

below is the Three Musketeers speech shorthand collation, by the "world network" editor –

on 2016, live fire. In a few short months, more than 1000 new live platforms emerged, forming a very competitive format.

if an alliance unit price is outrageous, and its advertising content is yellow, non sales of the actual product content, then it is doubtful. Mop union advertising content is yellow, and the price is 30, 40 of the artificial audit settings. We say that behind every strange act there is a special actor

, the experience is deepest, and we all hate the con artists. With the help of the Internet, we have discovered a good way to cheat the exposure, some sites also opened a special report cheater page. For example, the webmaster network Admin5 in the home page there is a "report transactions liar behavior, the station activist activities" topic. Although the search some of the information may not be complete and accurate, but are still looking to see the whole picture, the crooks have a preliminary understanding of the League at least. In the sh419 search – mop Alliance — the result, one eye sees a few articles to expose a liar mop, "Chen Yizhou Wang Jianran of sh419 _ _ mop union recognition and appeal letter", "biography mop late fee to find a webmaster alliance hacker attack", "fraud and mop alliance organization" leader Chen Yizhou, flip to see, "Chen Yizhou mop alliance big size code butt trap", "Wang Jianran’s understanding of mop alliance and appeal letter", "personal webmaster note: mop alliance advertising content of suspected pornographic" back page, click to see more, the contents of the article, deduction amount, non repudiation, There is abundant evidence.. His blood, so we can initially suspected mop alliance alliance is a liar. You can also contact those deceived webmaster exchange views, so that you can see the true face of Mount Lu".


Web Alliance is generally used as a bridge between advertisers and webmasters. There are many advertisers in the league, in comparison, is not unwarranted deduction and refusal to send. However, the cat alliance propaganda is "mop net" and its video station content. Click on mop advertising, and found that the page, Ali mother’s advertising, sh419, advertising, YAHOO, advertising, GG, Adsense advertising flying all over the sky, then the rationality of this alliance is questionable. In other words, a itself depends on other sites to make money union alliance, the price is so high, if not buckle, do not depend on, do not lie, how can the long-term profit go? The first priority of a business the company is profitable, it will give the webmaster do? If an alliance other ways of making money from the alliance, alliance mop belong to this, obviously, the deception motivation is full.

in the scene, Wen Zhong also said that Taobao live has been thinking about the positioning, the ultimate answer is to do the live production of consumer, and mentioned three words: interesting, useful, depending on the UPGC content a ratings miracle.


below the author’s experience, to liar Alliance – Cat alliance, for example, tell you how to identify fraud union.

when we explore the broadcast time, you want to come back, what is the nature of the video? From the product point of view, it has three attributes, one is content attribute, good understanding; second, the tool attribute, share the fun things to friends, how to shoot? Small coffee show, beauty shot, it quickly >

at the same time, different platform attributes and user needs, but also determines the layout of each family has differentiated, as well as in the future deployment of different views and practices.

second trick, alliance profitable way identification.

now personal webmaster thepinch, a liar union is also a webmaster intention to fish in troubled waters, extortion.

first, search engine identification.

inevitably, the competition pattern is gradually forming, the small platform is submerged, the giant is vividly portrayed.

three are not in the same direction. What will happen on the 2017 live track?

technology co-founder Lei Tao: company is the core function of live products

Lei Tao believes that the core demands of the live chat, real-time strong interaction, weak content is the main characteristics of mobile phone today live, therefore, like the car radio, accompanied by live is the core function, and the sense of participation is the live soul;

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