Discussion how can we increase the site’s ranking

Internet and the purpose of the website is fundamentally the same, are to be in order to meet the needs of users, so, as the site itself, only to provide good products, good service, the site of the people, not to resort to deceit, can win the customers.

station layout and other details of the content, to do every day, and the station all close together, to better publicize, after all, only believe in yourself, others will believe in you. On the other hand, is to show their own website on other platforms, show very beautiful in crowded places, let more people know, understand, love and affirmation, this is the key.


is my website, in addition to the brand word, page three words has been ranked in the 4, 5, 6 levels, how to improve the website ranking, to enter the home page? Beginning I don’t know the relationship, not to mention what to do! But recently a little pondering a moment!

wants to know more people, we must first choose the "people" >

the weight but also from the start, although the total charge in weight, can you know Zac seen in actual combat password only after the introduction of Google PR clearly, I understand this: the Internet is just like a big shops, the weight is Internet to each big business to enter the field site, which is the business the ticket, the beginning is no difference, we are the same. But in order to facilitate the management of the Internet, according to each site’s different performance score, if the site has done particularly well, itself of high quality, but also by the majority of users and buyers affirmation, praise, the Internet will give good points, when higher than a certain fraction will be upgraded, and also have the corresponding rights, influence and appeal will increase, the weight will be more and more high. On the other hand, other sites will give respect.

?Optimization of

but understand this truth is not only us, now more and more people know this relationship, are trying to do that, and what should we do, to get more opportunities to show in front of the user’s

so we need every site of the Shanghai dragon, every day clean up their own shops, to see where the counter is adjusted, replaced, or items placed neatly…… Well, you have to go outside, with their love and understanding to the shop recommended to more people, so we should choose external release locations. What kind of external

on the contrary, if the violation of the provisions, the poor performance of users, peer hate, the result could be right down, or be out of the Internet shops. Therefore, the "very important". Because of the Internet standard in addition to its own algorithm, he also according to the user’s praise of the decision.

better place?

stumbled after the introduction, from being helped to guide their own independent walking, start to solve the problem is that I started after the first step of the website ranking.

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