Don’t be too superstitious to do well in the chain chain is fundamental

chain does have a direct impact on the ranking, if the chain of high quality, the impact will be greater, that will make your ranking a leap. The problem is the chain for the new station where you get high quality?? the new stage Links exchange may be the problem, if the purchase link is excluded, you access the chain is mentioned in blogs, forums, Post Bar, quiz platform etc.. So to obtain the high quality the chain in your premise, don’t superstitious outside the chain, do the chain is fundamental, at this time the station determines your website ranking.

Shuttle in Hebei Shanghai dragon and Hebei website optimization these two words as the core keywords, before either within or outside the chain chain, anchor text are the two key words, in order to verify the above idea is correct, the contents of the two page Shuttle keyword links are removed, and the chain is the most. Presumably if the chain determines the ranking of words, even if the two word ranking does not rise, also should keep still. But on the contrary.

is from 5.21 to begin the experiment, No. 5.22 did not decline, estimated snapshot not update; No. 5.23 ranking plummeted. No. 5.23 after the ranking began to rebound, because Shuttle since the beginning of this experiment, it has been a large number of the chain, the chain rankings should rebound played a role. The role of the chain is no longer the number 5.24, then fell down, ranking……

This blog is Conclusion:

on the graph is ranking the word Shuttle blog "Hebei Shanghai dragon" for a week, from the beginning of the third suddenly dropped to 23, then there is a small rebound, ranking rose to third, then the ranking began to fall, as of today (2012.5.22) fell to 20 name. If not the word accident will continue to fall.

believes that as long as the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng people have heard of such a sentence: "content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence is regarded as a magic weapon for many Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai dragon world. We all know that a site from the building after the construction of the external links began. The new website weight is very low, no influence and authority in so many Internet sites, most webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er that adding of external links to help website weight aggregation and help ranking, crazy and so do the chain. Blog, forum, Post Bar, quiz platform, and a variety of social media and so on, as long as it is to leave a link where they can see the shadow. Here want to say Shuttle is the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization is not only the chain, in the new stage, do website content and chain is fundamental, compared to the chain, the chain is easier to get good rankings, at least in the fall in love with the sea is like this. To test this idea, Shuttle made a small test.


Look at this screenshot: Shuttle

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