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works with established venture capital funds, which are critical to the growth of start-ups in terms of capital and dynamic assets. But venture capital could disrupt management authority and the start-up culture of start-ups. Taking the time to investigate and find the capital of the most suitable company is important for the long-term success of the entrepreneur.

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4 and high valuations are not always good for early start-ups,

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in fact, among the entrepreneurs I meet, I can see such problems. But most of the time is Standers-by see more than gamesters. It is a challenge for the entrepreneur to recover from the passion of entrepreneurship, but to retain passion.


1, you are a great creative, the fact that can not make you a great executor.

2, management without listening is easy to fail.

if the development of start-up companies can continue to meet the expectations of the market and investors, then high valuations are good for young companies. If your next valuation is lower than the initial investor’s valuation, you’ll have a hard time getting a new round of growth.

believes that people who want to start a business today and are on the road to entrepreneurship are reluctant to experience nightmares. Recently, one of Avondale’s founders and managing director, Karl Stark and Bill Stewart, summed up 4 simple lessons that start-ups are easy to ignore.


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the process of starting a business is the process of turning your creativity into reality. However, in the case of many failed entrepreneurs, I can see many times that entrepreneurs ignore some key factors, and turn the process of creativity into a nightmare.

3, venture capital is not always good.

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the founders of many start-ups are innovative and aggressive, and that’s the core of the new company. But good executive power is good and innovative mindset is not guaranteed.

, Karl, Stark, and Bill Stewart argue that these basic lessons they see will be ignored in many entrepreneurs. It is believed that when the start-up enterprises focus on these lessons, they will have more opportunities to develop their own ideas and ideas into a profitable enterprise.

are passionate about their idea of entrepreneurs are often overlooked from the members of the board of directors, supervisor, consultant, or any other person in the start-up ecosystem, because the founders think they understand their products and the company more than others. But listen to the proposal is actually a supplement, but also let the founder will not go astray. Even, sometimes, the idea of picky founders is priceless.

Many domestic

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