Don’t let rejection effect of content in the station ranking


The concept of exclusive

is the two rival website, a product first web site in the title, that there is a LED advertising vehicle, the mobile stage of these two models of his website, but only the LED advertising vehicle models behind this website, LED advertising vehicle, led mobile advertising car is to expand LED advertising vehicle long tail keywords, which is the difference between the two sites, so if you as a user, will be more likely to click on a website? Of course is behind that, because of the presence of the interference factors on customer site in front of me, is to buy the LED advertising the car, and you really provide stage content, this is the rejection for LED search advertising car of visitors to your web site, the user does not want to see has nothing to do with their key contents. And incidentally, the first description of the website itself is a problem, the last sentence is unreasonable, in addition the domain name is the first letter of words, so the search engine can be identified, and the second website domain name is led advertising vehicle for users to see that the site is led the vehicle information, and from this point of view, this site is behind the more professional, and users are more likely to click on the professional content.

2. page title finished, we say that the layout of the web page content. Our home is the site of the highest weight, so we must make full use of the resources to carry on the reasonable layout of our website. Then we have to emphasize the website exclusive harm. You can think, when you go to buy clothes, you are more willing to go to a store or go to a grocery store and some clothes are what? Why now the store is so hot, that is because he has a strong pertinence, only sell a certain brand of clothing or sell a the type of clothes, with women’s underwear only underwear, for example, you can’t find any clothes except underwear outside in his store, so as not to interfere with the user, the user can choose, instead of looking for a long time, in a shopping mall.

After the

1. in rejection must first start from the site title. Site title is like a person’s name, especially in the virtual world, your website title of professional or not enough impression is very important to the customer. Because the user in the search browsing, will always find meet the needs of their title, and then click, then we will be heading for the user demand analysis. Then we through the following examples to analyze which sites are more likely to attract users to click.

station content maybe you have not heard, but in rejection of harm to our website does exist, if there is the content of our website, will affect the user experience, directly affect our website ranking keywords, in our website does not exist mutual exclusion much of the content.

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