Eight points of new sites keywords ranking optimization

two, the reasonable selection of the keyword of the website

site weight will be concentrated in the home page, the home page keyword selection is before the focus of our work and work must implement the. They want keyword ranking need to have a certain understanding and knowledge of the industry to understand, identify keywords although there are traffic but the conversion rate is very high, which searches for keywords ranking for small but highly professional, do not blindly pursue high "refers to the number of". So in the construction site to the beginning of it need to integrate our analysis in the industry keywords to professional title, writing an article on how to do the "six eye-catching Title" has a more detailed description and explanation, we can refer to.

Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng six as a not SEO specialist senior, for the study of keywords ranking investment is the largest, and the establishment of many new sites, is also a hand pulled up, unknown to the public from the beginning of the key words, the rise of late, all have the same relatively difficult in the process, each new site is equivalent to a "child", how to let the children healthy and strong growth is six today to discuss with you together, the better for the new station to establish a set of perfect optimization scheme, then step by step to stable implementation, finally get good keywords satisfaction ranking.

flat, tree structure, the breadcrumb path is always is a key part of the overall architecture requirements of enterprise station, in order to meet these three points, the website code do not use too much flash, the use of more concise code (DIV+CSS), the correlation navigation design column has better, standing in the user access point, or the popular keywords in the navigation, to attract users to click, with love in Shanghai statistical thermodynamic diagram can be fine-tuning in the future. In the path of this piece of URL, is the best static can enhance the access speed, and the backup more convenient and save resources. If it is.

three, select the site structure and framework of


, according to a written program and web robots.txt

many site in front of the line is not perfect in the on-line preparation, often modify some navigation or column content, leading to layout changes, which often leads to the search engines do not trust the site, not too much may lead to a revised planning website to extend the review time or be right down, before there is a six Zhengzhou printing machine business station, line layout after rectification, resulting in my website has not been included in the Shanghai love. In view of this situation, we should launch the application of robots in the site, it can shield the search engine to grab our web content, through which we rectification website search engine is not recorded, so we tested website satisfaction after adjustment robots allow included, so you can prevent a lot of trouble.

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