How much do you know about the high quality of the chain


so I took a look at love Shanghai now included in several previous posts, the first one is A5 topics and posts I just removed the link as like as two peas copyright, love Shanghai library is the same and add their own links (such people too hateful, to write the original article I am easy?) in order to facilitate reading, I posted the original post address: 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-4717518-1-1.htm

similar to the real case that everybody has the feeling of it, now the search engine technology is not perfect, we have written only in order to obtain a high quality of the chain, but others simply copy and paste the link is removed or changed into their own links, we will steal the fruit, which is that is why now and collection of pseudo original flood reason.

? The

so the chain high quality do not think he can sleep without any anxiety released, search engine now for the ownership of the judgment is not perfect, even if you are also likely to be the original false original posts above I replaced, though not say the quality of the chain is very high, but the quality is good just a few days included disappeared.

chain is still the hot topic of Shanghai dragon Er discussion, but we do all day in the chain and the high quality of the chain you know exactly how much? Do you know that the chain will bring exactly what role? Small as you explain the high quality of the chain and the chain in Shanghai dragon in effect.

love Shanghai algorithm is based on the hypertext links, so it is very important, the chain is the role of the page can transfer the weight transfer to another page, but a page link above N and the chain position, the anchor text information and text topic relevance. The anchor text text around the anchor text transfer determines the weight, a lot of people love in Shanghai Longfeng aspects of the site submission to bring their own industry anchor text, but this correlation is very low, unless.



I have a map with the truth, in an original post A5 technician is the moderator with original content, and by all love 2 days directly three hot, because not every day care this post also sank yesterday inadvertently search the post title found love Shanghai home did not appear I release the content! Then to search the post address, found that Shanghai was not included in love? This is the post release following up by seconds, but why just a few days not included? That is the general post was not included may be so quick to delete it, we say

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