Case analysis new chain explosion will be Shanghai assessment of love

even the teacher Cardiff this can not, what special and quick way to face, so that the new station if there is love in all Hella assessment, do not worry, as long as no what cheating, keep the normal updates every day on the OK, maintain a good attitude, if during this period, did not hold back to modify the site title or program, the consequences will be grievous, nothing.

4, buy too many high weight chain

5 server, too bad, old hang

3, the website included, flow, the chain suddenly jumped

then how to make a website from the assessment period? I will tell you a truth:

I believe we all know, love Shanghai have a assessment period for many new sites, especially the popular website optimization keywords, ninety percent are to be drawn in, quite inhuman. Love is the equivalent of Hella into assessment period have been detained, on behalf of Shanghai love to your website before the doings do not believe, no doubt, what evidence that your website is guilty, can only put your site first up, freeze some information website, almost not included in other information, slowly audit and if you love Shanghai found that the site test, everything is normal, no cheating, love Shanghai will put the site in 1,2 months; but what if there are irregularities website, it is estimated that you could not come out or imprisoned for 1 years half, out of wood. So why is love Hella in site assessment? Why so few:

2, the site of frequent changes, unstable

my colleagues, the cow, the official moderator Shanghai dragon WHY, recently he has taken over 3 stations, including two stations were pulled into the assessment period, 1 months, has yet to put out, not because he cheated, but he took over the station site due to trade restrictions. The contents are not well written, only a day to update the 1,2 article to keep the site updated, also used to increase the chain website weight, every day in the forum, blog, A5, Q & A, classification website, a chain exchange platform to do outside the chain, the chain quality and popularity have been very high, one month down, the chain from 10 up to more than 5000, and included only a few dozen. May be due to the sharp increase in the number of chain, caused by the love of Shanghai, but was pulled into the assessment period. Worry about how to get it, love Shanghai not in content included, do not update the snapshot, he also asked the WHY to Shanghai dragon teacher Cardiff Cardiff, teacher to answer about the meaning is: don’t panic, assessment period is normal, but there are still some benefits to the development of sites the touch on this, in fact is not what you can do, what to do before now do not carry out rectification on the site, as long as the normal update site on the line, increase the original content every day, add the chain, just don’t cheat on the line, you can quickly jump out of the site.

1, website keywords too hot

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