Between the site and search engine and Shanghai dragon love and be loved

3 from a subjective, is the relationship between love and hate, love and love:

website is an information carrier, and the search engine needs to provide customers with information, the relationship between supply and demand.


wants to know the search engine, web site, the three between Shanghai Longfeng a must, we must first understand what is the function of the three. Under the basic function and effect is the three.

from a macro point of view there are two relations:

and Shanghai dragon search engine has two layers of

Shanghai, referred to as search engine optimization. Is the site through internal or external adjustment of the structure optimization, access to technology and process flow from the search engine natural search results; and better site search ranking.

The relationship between supply and demand:

2 interests:

search engine is the inevitable product of the development of the Internet, navigation and directory of the web site has been unable to provide such a huge information resources to customers even if it is also easy to find. The search engine appeared, using a computer program to obtain information on the Internet faster, more comprehensive and more accurate, the formation of a large database and then ranked in the classified search service for users to be arranged. When the user input related keywords, there will be more to information content available to users.


now for the search engine and the relationship between the website:

The The relationship between The relationship between

when you need to set up the website indexed by search engines you, so as to better provide services for users to find. This will make the website in search engine results included after the content of the construction of information network are very poor, the search engine will be abandoned. It will only hate. If all your website are very good and customers can bring help, the search engine will gradually fall in love with you, because he can also provide better service for customers at the same time enhance their attention.

from a business perspective, the website to get traffic and paid more attention to the needs of customers to find you can only be realized, search engines to get good search rankings. The search engine is to provide users with information platform.


is a kind of demand, need to do the site of Shanghai dragon related content from search engines and optimization but good for drainage or website, to increase website traffic.

search engine:

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai Dragon:

and Shanghai Phoenix website:

website is an information carrier, is the enterprise products and brand culture and service platform. On the Internet, there are too many websites together to form a huge library of information resources.


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