A5 marketing traditional enterprise website keywords deployment principle and deployment method

webmaster general traditional enterprises in the deployment of keywords to the site, should follow some principles, these principles can bring some advantages for the deployment of key words, such as to reduce cheating and reduce the keywords competition, so the principle is very important, the following simple look at:

1, each page only need to deploy 2-3 keywords, do not deploy many words.

according to the present situation, can be found in most of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the deployment of keywords for the site owners worry about the small part of the small and medium enterprise website not to worry about, the reason is because of the small part of the owners of enterprise website keyword deploy correctly, know how to deploy enterprise website keywords effectively, so that the site will get accurate a lot of traffic and a single target. Most large enterprise owners did not go to the proper deployment of effective keywords, the site does not flow without a single. According to incomplete data show that this part of the enterprise website to get to the target precise flow but also because business owners do not have to master the deployment keywords principles and effective deployment method. So, most of the enterprises in the webmaster also worry about the matter, ask others not to get accurate method, also at a loss, resulting in no flow of love of Shanghai enterprise website as free.

of course, A5 marketing in Shanghai do diagnosis to the traditional enterprise website (Dragon 贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) services, there are many enterprises in the webmaster doubt or some deployment keywords are considered cheating, finally is love Shanghai right down and K station, which also makes traditional business owners do not know the headache. How to do this. In addition, some part of the customer’s website also appear here, after the diagnosis after site traffic rapidly. So, this article A5 marketing Huang Zhong wrote today can help some enterprises have already done the keyword research station, here’s a simple exchange with you.


2, in addition to the contents page page keywords between pages can not be repeated, even not too close.

, a keyword deployment principle

3, too much for the similar keywords or synonyms should be combined as far as possible deployment, assigned to a page, if the site is rich in resources, can be deployed separately.


about the traditional enterprise website keywords to do this deployment, the premise is to have many, such as keyword mining, selection, grouping and a series of work, finally began to deploy keywords. Of course, many enterprise webmaster have tapped into a lot of keywords, also the selection and grouping, but the final card in the keyword deployment, another is the deployment of keywords is needed when some principles, if there is no principle of understanding may be caused by improper deployment of keywords, website traffic, no precise target flow, resulting in enterprise website operation for a long time without a few single.

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