Ali nail founder Chen Chen internal letter there is no social gene Do not socializeDepth analysis of

nail, we, like many Internet start-ups, have experienced a lot of pain, difficulty, and a period of growth. From the beginning of the contacts, to the present nail, at the beginning we just refused to admit defeat, want to live. Never mind, there must be echoes, we finally stood up again. From 6 people to 180 people out of bullets, now full of blood resurrection; from the C end product, turned B end products, now has more than 150 enterprise organization. We live like cliff hunter, inadvertently walked into a hidden treasure in the cave.

you nail close marking:

—BBS in the top 1 top; " ", I think this is the top; " the content is better than digg " " Digg, the top; the form is more gorgeous, why? In BBS & quot; top " in addition to the list head release function, it also contributed content, while Digg is the expression of the " ". Posted to the list of likes and dislikes; head is a " utility; " demand, and the contribution of content is the self realization. So in this respect, I think Digg is a bit of curry favour by claptrap.

2 list —BBS is playing the title of the party, " " blog and Digg are abstract, from the point of view of efficiency, blog and Digg is better than natural, but contradictions, laugh what we want? We want to be popular, is that web2 is convenient for him, but he is so lazy… Or optimistic. Say, a lot of people don’t have a good habit; practically, many people still cling to the habit of BBS. The title of the party that I’m tempted into, look at the same time I also saw the reply, and the double content. A lot of information content? Is very simple to say clearly, but I can’t see through the discussion on the complex caused by a very simple concept, but because you convenient to him, but the achievements of his lazy….

3 —BBS is very important to reply reply in form, and the form of posters, the content is often posting more. And we see blog and Digg to the status of replies is reduced, from the form, they are not visible, I have to say, this reduces the degree of stimulation. Reply on the other hand, blog and Digg content of the page layout is not good, BBS have something for everyone to plan to a box of one of their own, while blog and Digg rich " convenience measures " the whole page is very fragmented. From BBS habits said, I have a habit of the replies in this box of consciousness condition, while blog and Digg replies consciousness subconscious have not yet formed.

4 who —bbs, blog and Digg at the end of the final cut-off is a person, but bbs- has a lot of bamboo, these people bear most of the work, responsibility and honor, they make the BBS more like everyone, while blog and Digg looks like is for people, this is a a matter of habit, we are more willing to talk about the topic in the square. Besides, BBS is a team of blog and Digg or the performance of the individual.

A: discuss why users will be Digg, how will he Digg effect? That is the problem of power.

Chen said, Ali nail nails experienced a start-up period of pain and hardship, but eventually grew from 6 to 180 people, and now covers more than 150 enterprises organizations.

so today, by borrowing some sounds from the outside, I want to talk to you before V3.0 releases.

believe this year, everyone, like me, heard some of the outside talk. Both positive and negative, the voice is a part of our growth, continue to hand poke branches and thorns like on the road, sometimes is to help us think, discern the direction of precipitation. We never walk on a smooth road.

brand promotion with this recipe, July Li " minus 500-1000 yuan

September 12th afternoon news, Sina today learned exclusively, Ali nail founder Chen Hang no action issued an internal letter to the staff in front of an important product for iteration, "Ali is not suitable for social networking" and "nail no social gene" to explain and respond to external evaluation.

finally, Chen revealed that the nail will be in the next week to usher in a major version update. Li Gen

nail nail founder also said that the goal is to want to share the Internet mobile cloud operating mode, the Alibaba’s way of thinking to China about 40000000 of the small and medium-sized enterprises, enhance their focus and innovation, so as to help more SMEs Chinese.

nail is a way of working. Because we see >

for more than a year, the nail has actually been loaded with controversy in the running, carrying the initial heart, I do not know tired. Unconsciously, we have run very far, and ran too fast, I am afraid: forget why the departure.

The The At the beginning of the

said Chen Hang still inside the letter, nail in the function realization of the output values, and strive to work a more equal relationship, such as not only the boss can "nail" employees, employees can "nail" the boss, let the subordinate more equal dialogue.

in addition, Chen Hang also responded to questions about the "provocative opponent, the destruction of industry", he explained that the inside, nails will always exist in the "Challenger" identity, hope the staff can keep the beginning of the heart, "has authority to the wrong direction, challenge."

below is the internal letter of the founder of the nail, Mr. Chen:

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