On site right down to bring

analysis: generate static Tag pages, make the site of a sudden increase in the 717 page (actual new page must be > 717), and it was the site of a total of only more than 600 articles, which makes love Shanghai spiders have a little too much to be taken by surprise, digestion. And many tag only one article, caused a great deal of repeat page. This may be a factor in this love Shanghai right down.

in fact, for the love of Shanghai personal right down or some psychological preparation, but did not expect to come so fast, so fierce, Jingxiaxinlai finishing some of the "action" on me for the past few months, and improve hope to rise again in the near future.


yes, this is really right down. From January 4 love love Shanghai weight, included 118 entries to the station, now in love with the weight of the 1 sea, love station included entry 7, before and after 3 months, embodies all taste individuals standing, bitter sweet.

1, January 27, 2012, all static tag website.

loves Shanghai right and right down to the website, believe that every webmaster have experience. Love the Shanghai bears most of the small owners dream carrier, affecting thousands of webmaster heart every act and every move. Some say Shanghai does not pay attention to user experience, I was half believe and half doubt about it. The land is a waste site ranking is also particularly good, don’t you see the station 18 days of new Shanghai love weight reached 4, do not you see 24 hours to guarantee three ads everywhere. With so much, or back to the topic, that is love Shanghai thinking right down to me.



PS: from Google webmaster tools can see Google robot in the next week also appeared a peak capture, as shown below.

site program is dedecms, the default tag page. Love is dynamic, not included in Shanghai. While the Tag page is a content aggregation page, personal feeling is like the site list page, the page should be included if tag than the content page with a higher ranking condition. Then in January 21st 23, the purchase of tag static plug-in, debugging on the line, a total of 717 tag tags.

purchased a large number of links to the total

although I have not been recommended to buy the chain, but sometimes it can not grasp his impulsive heart. In February 13th, bought three well-known Web Directory station station link, the reverse link number of love Shanghai soared 16 times in a week, a staggering 160 thousand.

analysis: the chain, natural stable growth rate, so the search engine will be considered to be a site of value stable, reliable, and outside chain spike effect on the site is fatal.

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