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inadvertently contacted SEO in October, a professional training SEO organization in Nanjing. At first, in the online access to the relevant SEO information and forums, immediately came the passion, and feel this has the head. The most interesting is that I am looking for a dozen of the same friends asking: "you to the network marketing to understand how much?" I do this idea is very simple, just want to know me these IT friends to understand the extent of SEO, but after I understand. Many people have heard of this "SEO", "network marketing" just, really understand the principles and processes of SEO technology, as well as the scope of application in the Internet, people really dare not compliment.

AKOKO in the outer packaging box design a series of VI to promote the product personalization, is also increasing for customers highlights. >

in the field of food security is another trend of short food is popular, due to the overall consumer demand for food and health, and shorten the overall consumption cycle, will enhance the short shelf life of food demand. AKOKO is a new baking brand, the flagship of short protection cookies category, because without adding preservatives, AKOKO shelf life is only 30 days. The choice of cookies from the single product cut, AKOKO co-founder Ke Ke believes that there are two main reasons:

According to

on the other hand, young consumers are willing to go to find a more fresh taste and a single product, cookies as a relatively young category has the opportunity to cut the AKOKO taking into account the taste and health demands, naturally welcomed by the market.

on Friday December 7, 2012, his days off, the day of the forum posts in December 8, 2012; at the post, with the SEO master chat, to find their own website program, and more than 2 in the morning to night to build a website; and in December 8, 2012, after a day of struggle, and finally in 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the official website on the line. At the moment when I opened my website through the browser to show off www.berlaide, the sense of achievement and passion. Three days, very busy, very tired, but very passionate, because I am doing things for myself. This should be a kind of entrepreneurial mood.

in addition to the selection of raw materials and exclusive formula, taste innovation is also AKOKO features. Ke Ke said, green tea and durian is nearly two years by the new taste of young people Repeng, AKOKO also will be the first of these two kinds of taste into the development of new cookies.

from the network training, BBS posts, as well as training institutions out of the masters, is very much feel that they found SEO this technology is too late. However, after their own investigation, SEO is still very useful in the Internet, and network marketing is still very little market development. No matter what you do, as long as you involve the Internet career, more or less will have some impact on you.

2, did not conduct a comprehensive product comparison, and even after the purchase of products found in the market better products;


, for example, this site, although they know the process of doing site: domain + space = web site on-line. However, the specific process and details of the recording, domain name space matching and other information, have not been studied in detail. When things are in that even, this only shows that their So that is what it is.! Blundering. In the course of the whole thing, I was thinking that if such a small thing were done in this manner, I could not guarantee that you could succeed in making a bigger investment. Never hold an attitude that you know when you get there. That would have been a terrible death.


in addition to taste more than a sense of innovation, can also help the rich SKU, currently the main brand for crisp cookies, cookies, hard soft cookies in the design and development of packaging. Based on this, Ke Ke think, although AKOKO only do this category of cookies, but as long as SKU can continue to enrich, so-called "single category" model ceiling is low, the problem will not exist.

1, without prior knowledge of the entire project process, hastily proceed to explain the mentality of impetuous.

through these three days of busy, I have a lot of business to do things sentiment, the following list. Maybe it comes to your heart.

Euromonitor data, from 2014 to 2016, China cookie sales soared, 2016 annual sales of more than 6 billion yuan, Danish crown cookie market share of 33%, on the other hand, with the popularization of cultural, in addition to these commercial brands, more and more consumers are looking for more fine, fine baked cookies.

AKOKO formula for the original brand, due to health considerations, in addition to food preservatives, short retention, another feature of the AKOKO is to baking powder, in addition, AKOKO is chosen as the more butter fermentation of high quality raw materials.

first, cookies are an important part of foreign tea culture, tea culture, baking with popular culture, the market for the cookie acceptance will develop to a higher level, the Danish crown cookie, cookie Jeanne Pop has proved this point;

although the baking threshold is very low, but because of differences between different brands of formula, the taste is very difficult to homogeneity, therefore, if you want to increase further by the passengers, the formation of the brand, the product is the core is the biggest barrier.

bought a website program on his own this time, and spent 230. Although I am also right here

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