Cause analysis of Web site keywords ranking unstable

, within the site is not in place.

Reason analysis of

web site keywords ranking unstable:


"inside chain king" for Shanghai dragon in terms of internal site optimization must pass website architecture should be reasonable, concise code to clear notes to facilitate the search engine grab included. High quality can reflect the value of the site of the article, the site TITLE title, it is the "face and expression" and "appearance" is clearly the one and only your personal information; "reflect" sure you looks like correlation, fat people face is plump, thin people have opposite face the water chestnut, so the title should be distinctive and related to the content of the article. < meta name=" keywords" content=" " /> < meta name=" description" content=" " /> keywords is the keyword with description is the keyword content description, this is to write the related key words, not too much advice about 3, content description between 50 words. The content in addition to say there is a correlation between the anchor text, anchor text is not much, in the discharge position, the upper left is the best, and add some effects, such as bold and change color. Keywords natural density is best, can try to do some, of course when the density is very small, we need to do, for example, less than 3%, and the more important point is the content of the original, this is all very important, don’t look down upon him, the impact of this on our website is long-term, we are going to have, not to reprint. Don’t go to the pseudo original, is actually very simple, is to have time to write something every day, in fact, your website is not much, in essence, the website included 100, the basic can, without excessive pursuit of thousands, or even tens of thousands, you see those famous blog, PR and the weight is very high, is not included many, but just to find out that a huge amount of reprint, point out, the key lies in the quality, there are many websites reproduced, many may start included, But if this continues, it will not be long.

Optimization of

webmasters are in trouble to change too fast, unstable. Finally optimization of the keywords in the overnight return to the liberation". This also caused distress in the end what factors of the situation. So this is the case what causes it? Therefore, I combined the God of their own online advice and to optimize the keywords ranking some views. Share this article on the site keywords ranking unstable cause analysis for everyone.

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