At this stage the search engine brings opportunities

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1.360 search opportunities brought by

playerWe all know that

360 last year entered the search market, with rapid development of exclusive domestic search engine share second, for this new search engine how to optimize the video station he, how to do, I personally do Gxl after 8 months, the 360 slowly analyzed the development of search engine, slowly to explore the rules of 360 now develop diversified search function, there have been 360 encyclopedia, 360, Q & A, I said these two functions, as is our video station development. We can start from the 360 encyclopedia, the webmaster don’t be afraid of trouble, there are 360 entries in the Encyclopedia of film and television, we can start from here, make film entries can not only increase the weight of the site, but also can increase the amount of user access, for the majority of search engines, for their products will be placed in the first place, also 360 encyclopedia no exception, you can test the search under a film entry, is the encyclopedia in the home page, we can use this to operate.

We all know that

the first to write optimization site experience there are deficiencies we should understand, now using Gxl network as the case for the new station, as we all know, the mobile Internet era in the development of the Internet, whether it is the user access to information compared to PC terminal has been greatly changed, then how do we have in the development of mobile Internet early grasp the needs of users, to meet the user’s premise can provide the expansion of demand,. The content should be rich. For the first stage of the search engine in the confusion of the times we do webmaster video station how to grab the user.

love the sea out of a Shanghai love video, then we can not imagine the acquisition is a play that is also good to share resources, 360 search engines love Shanghai collection of audio and video resources will have an impact, here is Gxl net acquisition of resources and the acquisition of Shanghai double love video and broadcast. This is why Gxl network video failed, the station 8 nine months have not prompted Shanghai to love weight, in ancient times that the team should stand on both sides of the argument, not accounted for in love in Shanghai and 360 are very good, you can see 360 included Nora resource station more, but also obvious, so that Shanghai will for his opposition to our station, said that with respect to the weight will be very difficult to fall in love with the sea, I am here to advise you to do a two station, our resources and love Shanghai video resources >

for another 360 questions, this way no Wikipedia effect fast, but as long as you release the success of one or two links, to bring traffic every day there will be a 100-500 (hits).

for the Gxl network do stand about 8 months or so, the station is a video station, then how many video. How can we better make the major search engines that, Xiao Bian today said that.

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