Website weight is mainly reflected in four aspects

is a collection of the most direct and straightforward method of website weight reflect, do not believe you can look at the weight of the high site, record the status of how they were, as stationmaster net it. We all know that the weight of the webmaster nets, many webmaster love to the webmaster nets hair of the chain, you send an article in the forum, and then to the search engine search, is not directly appeared, sometimes also can reach the state of the second, a site quickly included, explain this website for the search engine has reached the state.



site weight can directly affect the site ranking, weight, high ranking, weight difference, and even included and ranking is a problem, except the K off the stand, be K off, even if the weight high also no longer talk about ranking. Are not even included on any ranking? So, everyone is working hard to improve the weight now, I am no exception, writing this article is mainly to give you a website weight analysis which is mainly reflected in several aspects, know that these can be targeted to make corresponding changes. Below:

The quality of the chain

three heads are better than one Zhu Geliang! Site outside the chain is the equivalent of the stooges, more and higher quality. If the Three Stooges are fools, better than? If the chain of poor quality can effectively improve the weight? The chain weight but also pay close attention to quality. A high quality outside the chain of more than ten spam chain. But the chain to improve the weight has a direct impact. Look at your website is good, the weight is high, without the aid of time weight query tool, which is from the outside of the chain to determine the matter. So, the webmaster do not covet the chain have been tens of thousands of that number to corruption will corrupt the matter. A few days ago, I saw a post in the forum, said the first half of more than 30000 the chain, he asked why ranking than Shanghai dragon WHY, do the same content, not the chain ranked well? I think he is in pursuit of the number regardless of quality, forget the chain more is pure. Pay attention to quality and quantity, quality and quantity is not the website weight fly? Weight, ranking far?

said some of the site’s content is copy and paste as a good ranking, why is this? Fine online said the original content can improve the site weight, then why are some websites directly copy and paste on the rankings, even the pseudo original province. I think we only see one, I do not know the second; this reason is temporary, unless you direct the title search, otherwise the copy and paste even included some rankings, but over a period of time will slowly be excreted, and are not even included. There is an original, five article can also accept, after the emergence of a large number of search engine will be appropriate to reduce the number of repeat, then you must be reproduced in the first choice to get rid of. >

The content of

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