Why search engines chain stability

algorithm to optimize the result of love. Allowed to release the soft before we only need to change the title or the first paragraph should be modified. You can escape from the Baiduspider trial. But not sophisticated search engine products and become the past. Now love Shanghai algorithm for content determining parameters and capacity is more and more strong.

1, single and identical content is too soft. Most web links in the soft is a plus. However, the similarity of the soft release too much, will love Shanghai included in a short time, but Baiduspider is again on the web crawling snapshot, plus love Shanghai algorithm to optimize, so have the number of the chain is not stable.

sum up, we should master how to ensure the high quality the chain growth more effort, do not be too careless even outside, or the blind pursuit of quantity. There are a lot of uncertainty and growth of search engine technology in the future. We should stand on the site webmaster perspective website promotion and planning of Shanghai dragon.


2, the weight of the chain distribution platform is not high and not many species. A lot of Shanghai dragon ER found a relatively high weight of the chain platform release a lot of difficulty, time and energy spent a lot. To turn to small platform to link. But everyone knows the small platform outside the chain does not include release is included influence to the search engine is not great. There is a lot of people have just registered a few well-known forum or blog classification information supply and demand information and so on account. These numbers tomorrow with a message. Each account and publish information almost all the content. There are a lot of people directly with the mass software chain. In fact, this is very wrong, love Shanghai for similar content beyond our imagination and judgment. In the end we are trying to do the ranking results will fall.

for Shanghai dragon ER, daily work should open the computer first thing is to check the website dynamic keyword ranking, Shanghai love snapshot and the chain data such as the number of. But this morning when the number of detection sites related to a weather screen suddenly found a great decline in website ranking. Very surprised, before the front rank has been very stable, how to fall down now look outside the chain of data?. Arch-criminal found: the number of the chain from yesterday more than 2000 reduced to less than 200. The importance of the chain to the search engine rankings. But why love Shanghai suddenly will K off such a large number of the chain? Diagnosis through the chain of the previous, summed up several reasons.

3, Shanghai This paper originates from the


run home screen weather please keep the link, thank you! The original link: 贵族宝贝longmm贵族宝贝/ p=103

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