The website Links exchange skills

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optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

step word index to brush up, for example, originally the word index is 0, so we can put the word index brush to 300 or 400, do not brush is too high, can.

special chain optimization:

website right down topics:

1. for

2. index


secondsWebsite optimization brushWe find the

Shanghai Longfeng essential to exchange Links, but a lot of people will be the weight of our web site to webmaster tools check when exchanging Links, if the weights are lower than the other, they may not and we exchange, so how to do? Today to introduce how to quickly improve website weight to attract Links.

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

index of brush up after we went to our website weight Webmaster Tools query, is not really improved? Oh, we all know that the reference factor calculation weights of the Chinaz is expected to flow, our word index is expected to flow up, must also go up, so the weight will go up, because of this word our website ranked first. (if you feel the weight is not high enough to find some words like to brush)

4. exchange Links

on our website, find the next search when watching what words in Shanghai love our website ranked first or second (can also be a website as long as it is not right to be reduced, can early to a word, even if such a long

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

our weight increase, such as increased to 3, so we can find some of the weight of 2 site exchange links, because our weight is higher than the other party, they must be very happy to exchange with us (but in fact our weight is not so high above) is a very effective technique to exchange friendship link everybody, reasonable use, can exchange links to many good.

Check the weight )The

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap


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