Want to make a difference in Shanghai must consider the marketing problems and ideas

just started to contact the Shanghai dragon, on what feels curious feeling through their own efforts to put keywords sit is so exciting and a sense of achievement. I generally do not love to share what Shanghai Longfeng experience. Do every one of Shanghai dragon, in addition to the basic knowledge we should learn, each have each of the methods, as long as the effective method is good, no need to complete in accordance with the others to give you ways to use. Only to the field of exploration will really learn with their own things.

: first mentality. A lot of people’s mentality is not good, especially for new sites, we all know that a new start with no weight and love in Shanghai will have a the new study period, the so-called sandbox period. This period of time to do the original site for the construction of the chain more. Stable increase, high quality, the chain diversity determines your site’s ranking keywords. A lot of people see the website snapshot or not included, or there is a little problem not to live. In fact, at this time, to find their own reasons, find out problems, and one of these problems is correct and insist, will be restored during this period, you will learn something unexpected and experience, rather than quickly find the master to help you look at the comments, then the next time you change, you still don’t know how to solve the problem.

want to say a lot, have time. Shanghai Longfeng every day in front of the computer, the radiation will not say, we all pay attention to the protection of their. I wish you all in Shanghai Longfeng this road more walk more tall, a webmaster forum www.>

second: persistence and innovation. The construction of the chain as we all know, if you are just starting to do so, not too many good resources, so only through their own step by step to the accumulation and persistence, in the accumulation and persistence in the process, will learn too many things, these things will always give you benefits. Practice makes perfect., so you are familiar with, you will naturally go to take the initiative to explore ways and means better to build the chain. Increase their weight.

beginners Shanghai Dragon

gave several suggestions:

said that Shanghai dragon to a certain extent is to look at problems is different. We all know that the ultimate goal is to sell the Shanghai dragon, so not only is the Shanghai dragon row up the Everything will be fine. keywords. Want to make a difference in the Shanghai dragon, must consider the marketing problems and ideas. If you do a more competitive keywords, we are almost level, based on the part of. What determines who you? Resources is on the one hand, if you hand there are high quality resources, so easy to fix the opponent. There is to do Shanghai dragon also want to pay back the money, maybe you will say, I disdain the chain to buy high quality. In fact, you are wrong, this is the highest level of marketing, use the money to make money, if you put your thinking into simple words can say days and months multiplying, and you can’t walk on the road of Shanghai dragon, not go.

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