The website of Shanghai dragon can not copy technology analysis

Shanghai dragon Er, after the holiday website ranking will choose drop produced by internal update and the form of the chain to make up. But with the search engine on the user’s value, the simple daily update can not meet the demand, it is also the site has yet to return to rank the reason.

third, to promote good questioning for site traffic. We are listening to the comments or reading novels when there is a similar "for more details, please listen to the next time" information. This is actually a question if you are foreshadowing, user content to attract, and want to know the content, will always pay attention to your site, waiting for the next release content. This can bring potential for site traffic. Of course, this kind of question to pave the way to have a degree, otherwise it will let users leave a bad impression on the site, but not conducive to the promotion of the website.

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have a half months after the holidays, and many webmaster show their site ranking since the holiday has not dropped after recovery, whether to update the content or the production chain, the effect is unsatisfactory. This is exactly why? Is love Shanghai algorithm change? Is the deviation of the internal mechanism of the website? Or website layout flaws? The author Dennis to share another kind of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology today, to help you achieve the rebirth of website.

For many novice

first, increase the exposure rate of the resource base for the web site. Stand outside promotion is an important part of Shanghai Longfeng, enormous resources to increase the exposure rate of the site, improve the user clicks on the possibility. We talked about the general resources including WeChat group, QQ group, bar, moderator, special small, influential, capable of performing marketing force in the party website "position".

In fact,

second guide for website brand development planning. Website strategy guide should master the user’s perspective, through the analysis of user needs to learn what the user needs, and we have to do is with altruistic heart to do the planning, to meet the needs of users and website development only. It is convenient and easy for people with their results of site planning guide.

, Shanghai dragon website optimization technology is not only the site layout, content and fill in the chain, these are all we can see, or that is the most traditional optimization methods. We will call it a copy technology. Copy of Shanghai Dragon technology generally refers to the site of copy in disguise, including page layout, title settings, meta tag writing. These are the foundation of the site optimization, but not for the website optimization plus options, because too much.

how to add to the site optimization? This is today the author Dennis you want to share with you the contents of the. Can not copy the Shanghai Dragon technology is the site of one step ahead of the bonus question. It refers to the state of the industry, Shanghai dragon Er master data on the website of the understanding and grasp of user needs, of course, preserved in the work of the resource platform.

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