The spirit of wolves calling on the strength of a team

is the network in 2008, let us walk together, we set up a black panther (, so the Wangzhuan team, this time on the development of the team and get along with, let me have more or less casual feelings, advice on the web or in Wangzhuan this piece of rivers and lakes, if you want to become bigger and stronger. We must set up their own team, the team’s strength can not be ignored!

what is team spirit,


so-called team spirit, in brief, is the overall situation consciousness, the cooperation spirit and the service spirit concentrated expression. Team spirit is based on respect for individual interests and achievements. The core is cooperation, and the highest realm is the centripetal force and cohesion of all members,. The formation of the team spirit does not require team members to self sacrifice, on the contrary, Huisa personality and expertise to ensure the performance of the members have completed the mission objectives, and clear the way cooperation and collaboration will have a real inner power. read more

The choice and application of picture format JPG and GF

we will often have to deal with some pictures in the site, the picture format choice is particularly important, I have PS years of teaching work, we have been engaged in graphic design website, good image format selection can not only ensure the picture quality, but also to ensure that the picture is as small as possible, so as to improve the network access speed.

1, look at the color of the image, the number of how many, with Jpg (covering all colors), less with GIF (256 colors);

JPG, GIF format selection is the core of the picture is a bitmap, bitmap, professional terms do not need to know, in short, how much you see the color of the image, such as the real landscape painting or photograph (that is what we call ordinary pictures) will certainly choose JPG because including color range; however we draw simple graphics files with less color can be saved as GIF format, of course, for drawing cartoons and use a lot of gradient effect will still save as JPG, because it can fully guarantee the picture level sense. read more

Talk about do stand from the spirit of Sister Lotus

webmaster a April 28th article "talk about those who make outstanding contributions to the Internet Network Reds" article, which mentioned chubby, sister lotus. These network reds, bring a touch of color to give people boring life, become the topic of people at leisure. Many people despise them by their show, the doings, but still could not stop the curiosity, while abuse of them, while another who are concerned about their news.

a few days ago stationmaster net also reports "Taobao and lotus signing Ma Yun stressed the shopping grassroots attribute" article, we disdain sister Furong also envy her giggle and flirt, hand opportunity,, and Ma Yun cooperation, how much is the webmaster would not dare to think of things. Ma Yun said, "Sister Lotus spirit, is the reason why Taobao made such achievements in the China market is not afraid of difficulties to give the spirit of self." I dare to show on the network, bold show themselves, although not recognized by the people, but really famous popular. Ma Yun chose to see her sister lotus, is also out performance, just like us. If Furong ordinary office staff, who believe that she did not know what kind of man he is, of course, also don’t have the word "Sister Lotus". read more

Talking about how to make your website well

currently do the basic station is 80 and 90 friends, but many are temporarily hot heart, do pull a station, investment is also a lot, but for some time to maintain the maintenance can not go down. Many webmaster can not find the problem, why do you seriously do stand, stand on their own than to treat their relatives, but in exchange for the result is unprofitable, that


actually, none of the friends who have been standing here have seriously thought about it. Just think what a hot station do what station do later how to maintain how publicity, how to promote, for example, navigation station friends do a lot, just contact the website of friends. I think the first feeling is to do a good navigation station, the station after then just imagining station how good, can not exceed 123 now deadly navigation station that actually do now? The navigation station is late, we analysis, the first navigation station is belong to the user to find all of the web site, collect information website, because Internet users now have a common the characteristic is that love station will go to the station, why, because this station has provided you with you all the information you need, no need to seek new navigation station, do people plus early, Basically go to the Internet to find navigation stations, will remember good 123. read more

Sad small webmaster born imitation died of innovation

you may see this title is to use bricks to throw me, we always say to innovation, but from a practical consideration? There are several websites is the innovation to survive, is the innovation, can make the Internet a revolution, let the Internet history rewriting, but that is what you can do? A person, there is no money, no money, what do you thing and those big portal spell? Look at Chinese now several cattle B Internet Co, Sohu, Sina, 163 which is the imitation of YAHOO portal mode, and our "dear" Baidu, I do not say you know that his "father" who ah? What the page is almost the same,, Amazon’s mode is you moved to China, and our cute penguin brothers, QICQ don’t know why Have you been upset? There are too many Internet in china. To say that I think the successful innovation is the only Alibaba, the IT Chinese elite classic mode is to study in the United States, and then saw a new success in the United States, hurry to flicker some investment back home, began, it has become the world’s largest Chinese certain website, should imitate it is easy to succeed, because you know what the future of the road should be how to go. read more

What can garbage sites bring us

student stationmaster, we have two roles. In life, we also play a dual role, but we have the same to treat, because we are to ourselves, to the service of others, at the same time, we also get happiness, from yourself! Therefore, the network is a part of our life, we should be every webmaster earnestly to treat.

with the popularity and popularity of personal websites, website building procedures are constantly emerging, such as mushrooming. Along with its development, a number of garbage site procedures also appear accordingly, this is inevitable, is inevitable product of development. Some of them according to the keyword density mining related information website and the thief program steal others site content and so on, the developers at the beginning of the design is not in service to others for the interests of others and to develop, in order to flow, in order to make money… You see, this developed program can stable? If the vulnerability not very strange! And some insidious programmers want something in return, it is unknown that leave the back door, to get some decent things secretly, and users are snobbish, maintenance management on site support do not in place, technology is either a rookie, but has the ability to either lazy to do a website, go write program potential "". read more

Being a station is just an interest

no one will also station, no one is born to make money on the station. Everything is just in a premise! Twentieth Century, computer is still not popular, when people interested in the computer, all want to have a computer. When the computer unveiled the mystery, the original computer can have a magical world, so interest began to branch.

some people like chatting and some people like playing games… Also some people like to go to the website construction. When you edit simple pages with HTML code, you’ll be proud to recommend your site to your friends, even if your station is so simple. When you use other people’s source code to modify your website, you will also actively add content, enrich the website, and then enjoy your masterpiece with great achievements. read more

Buddha careful observation write the soft text according to life to do the original

many webmaster and I used to, afraid of writing soft text, avoid writing soft Wen, investigate its reason, mainly is not know how to write soft Wen, no material can write. The Buddha told you, in fact, soft Wen is not difficult, careful observation around life, everywhere is the original material.

one, personal experience of standing

as a webmaster, everyone has his own standing experience, we do stand experience is impossible, just the same, then put yourself to do station experience written down, this must be original article. It should be noted that the writing experience must be true, and this is also related to the user experience. Perhaps no flowery language, but written by simple language and the real feelings, is definitely a good article. read more

Do white hat or black hat is a real problem


of the English Renaissance in his classical repertoire, "life and death" said: "the survival or destruction, this is a problem, I also encountered a problem in the same time the enterprise website, enterprise website content, the domain name weight light, time is short, very popular keywords it is very difficult to row in a short period of time, in the face of customer requirements to keywords row up within the prescribed time, for me is a thorny problem, do a black hat hat really is a problem. read more

Disabled stationmaster Taobao guest writes a business to remember have bitterness also have warmth

in fact, do Taobao customers in this industry, is a very tired job, I call him sitting on the chair of migrant workers. Individual Taobao customers should rely on their own little bit of time to continue to improve, continuous promotion. This, perhaps the majority of webmaster have a great resonance. Those who do very successful individuals are depleted Amoy, huge effort, worth learning and reference, but also behind the huge bitterness, I is not a successful Taobao customers, but still have to belong to my own bitterness. read more